Helping us making these gloomy times less dark, with a poignant and pure single! Of Shadows And Lights is the stage name of Angelo Pitone, an Italian songwriter and music producer, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in commercial music with the distinction award at the UWS – the University of West Scotland. OSAL is based on artists such as Nothing But Thieves, Muse, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, Des Rocs, Inhaler, Palaye Royale, Dorothy, Twin Atlantic, Death From Above 1979 and indie-alternative-math rock genres. 

We already met him a few months ago with his debut album, thanks to which he made himself known to the public, but today we want to tell you about the new single entitled ‘Under Control‘, written, produced, arranged, played, mixed and mastered by the same OSAL and with which the artist stages all the charge of rock! We are talking about an indie rock song with energetic and captivating sounds, where guitar, drums, bass and vocal melodies are the frame of the lyric that deals with our current and absurd social condition, almost as if we were living in a catastrophic film where, even though things seem illogical, they do happen. As if we were all going to face the end of the world, but OSAL does not tell us in no uncertain terms, but with irony…what perhaps would be useful to everyone to face this moment and OSAL gives us some!

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