Last week we did a review of the talented American Trevor Ohlsen’s latest banger ‘I’ve Got A Girlfriend But I Like You’ which was released Friday. Trevor is a multi talent who plays piano, and guitar, whilst he writes, toplines and produces his own songs. The artist is although his young age reaching music veteran territory, as his debut release was released 10 years ago in 2011. Trevor’s timbre resemblances to a mixture of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber which translates into a sweet yet alluring sound that draws the listener in. With more than 300k streams on Spotify alone we were intrigued to have a chat with this talented artist. 

YMX: Hey Trevor Ohlsen, how is it going? some of our readers might not be familiar with your project, how would you describe yourself, in a few words?

TREVOR OHLSEN: Hey there. It’s going very well. I’m currently on a four week solo road trip around the country, getting out and exploring, meeting lovely people along the way, and typing this response in my vehicle outside of a Starbucks in Utah because they said their indoor seating was still closed. You gotta do what you gotta do. I myself am a very active, very extraverted, very contentious person. I have to be working on something in order to feel like I’m using my time productively and I try everyday to take a step forward in all parts of my life including, family relationships, friendships, health, (physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing) and career.

YMX: Your current work is the result of a long journey; What first drew you to making music? 

TREVOR OHLSEN: Music has run in my family for a number of generations, specifically on my father’s side. I grew up in a very musical family and was naturally drawn to it. Fortunately, my parents encouraged and nurtured the spark they could see in me.

YMX: What would be your dream collaboration?

TREVOR OHLSEN: Probably to do a track with John Mayer. He’s another major reason I’m in the industry.

YMX: You recently released single ‘I’ve Got A Girlfriend But I Like You’. Can you tell us how that project came about?

TREVOR OHLSEN: ‘I’ve got a girlfriend, but I like you’ is one of the lead singles off my upcoming album ‘these are my memories’. When the pandemic kicked in, I suddenly had a lot of free time. I had been doing shows up to that point and was constantly writing. When the shows stopped, I went straight into record mode and spent most of 2020 recording the new album in my home studio in Michigan.

YMX: What inspires your songwriting work?

TREVOR OHLSEN: Most of my music is written about personal life experiences that I’ve had. Whether it be relationships, traveling, or going out to bars, really it could be anything that inspires a song. However, sometimes I’ll have fun and just tell stories through my songs that don’t necessarily pertain to any personal experiences.

YMX: We are all missing live music at the moment. Once on the other side, which music venue would you choose for your first gig? 

TREVOR OHLSEN: I don’t have a particular venue in mind, I’d like to just get back on the road and play music around the country for as many people as possible.

YMX: What’s your band strategy in terms of music promotion? Direct-2-fans or via the “big dogs”? 

TREVOR OHLSEN: Organic growth and personally connecting with people will always be the best way to go about growing a fan base. However, there’s nothing wrong with receiving funding and growing large scale with the help of a record label if the contract is mutually beneficial.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future? 

TREVOR OHLSEN: Travel, write, play shows, and as Matthew McConaughey would say, “Just keep livin'”.

Trevor Ohlson Headshots by David Hakamaki and Cutting Edge Photography in Iron Mountain, Michigan