Hugo De La Lune returns with mesmerising EP ‘Act II’

Recently we came across to a rather special artistic figure, a creative whose output is as original as unapologetic. We are referring to Hugo De La Lune, and his ‘Act II’ Ep, released only last month. A fresh blend of afro-vibes, alternative pop, world music, with funk incursions and a modern electronic punch. We are on board! 

Hailing from Oakland, US, Hugo De La Lune is a moniker for Ephraim Getahun, a talented songwriter, singer and producer. His musical journey started 5 years ago, and since then he’s been actively performing in the Bay Area, especially in the queer scene. 2020 was the year that saw him debuting original material, first with ‘Act I’, followed up by the mesmerising ‘Act II’, which we are currently enjoying. A carefully built artistic concept, Hugo explains: “The Acts are a manifesto of sorts, rooted in alternative and afro-soul genres. Hugo is an alter-ego that embodies shadow work and a divinity many of us are afraid to claim. My spiritual evolution is described in the songs that make up these Acts”.

‘Act II’ is without a doubt one of the freshest productions we have been listening to in the past year or so. Opening with ‘Pariah’, the bouncy groove mixed with world-infused percussions enhances Hugo’s precise and intimate vocals, not afraid to suddenly erupt into a melodically rich outburst. ‘Bouda’ slowly fades into more afro-beat-ish territories, thanks to muted guitars, organic claps and an inner sense of movement. With a title borrowed from Ethiopian folklore, De La Lune proceeds to narrate an old popular tale. Closing with ‘Prettyboi’, potentially the most pop-driven number on the record, Act II comes to an end, leaving us longing for more. 

Looking forward to seeing what’s next! In the meantime, follow Hugo De La Lune on Spotify: